Colourpop is coming to Sephora!

Yep yep yep! It’s true! Colourpop Cosmetics is coming to Sephora!! I know that some people are surprised by this. That they think that Ulta is a better fit for Colourpop because of their very affordable price tag. But I think that Sephora is a great home for Colourpop. I love Sephora and it’s still my #1 beauty site (that carries multiple brands) that I buy from ALL the time. It makes me think that Sephora is expanding their own price range for brands and accepting more affordable brands. So I’m hoping this is just the beginning. That Sephora will add even more brands that don’t break the bank. What do you think?

See this Refinery29 article for more details! But here’s the key things to take away from all the articles: it’s unknown if the entire Colourpop collection will be available, Colourpop will be in select stores (that means not every store), the prices of Colourpop products will NOT change, there will be items exclusively made for Sephora, and finally, the date of the official welcome will be later this year, maybe in November. As in, just in time for the holidays! I’ll definitely be stopping by my local Sephora and seeing if I can find out if Colourpop is coming there. Fingers crossed!


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