Beauty Bar Baby summer releases!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I have found some great makeup brands on Etsy over the years. Yes, Etsy can be a great place to find indie brands that have better price points and high quality products. I’ve tested a good amount and Beauty Bar Baby is a brand that I keep coming back to. I always hope to find a new post on their IG of a new product.



Blue Lightning (top left) is a mix of soft blue and soft pink . Mermaid Swirl (right) is a swirl of light blue, gold, purple and combines to create a soft gold/violet look. Moon Flower (bottom) is an icy plum with gold interference.


L to R: Blue Lightning, Mermaid Swirl, and Moon Flower.

beautybarbaby4With flash!

Yeah… no words. I never use primer unless stated. Can you see the crazy shift and shine to these beauties? Just the high quality I expect from Beauty Bar Baby. They release a lot of shades that are bright and swirled and duochrome. I use them as eyeshadows a lot. So you can choose if you want your eyelids or your cheekbones to blind with a rainbow of color.

Shop the highlighters here. You get 2 size choices: 37mm or 57mm. You also get to choose if you want just the pan or the compact. There are different prices for all of these choices.

They also just released Twisted Rouge, a face and eye highlighter. She’s a twisted blend of bright pinks along with blends of soft nude pinks to make the most beautiful shade of a rosy pink. See swatches here. There’s a sneak peek here to something new and it’s unicorn-related! I also see that one of my favorite shades is currently in stock. Try out Forever Bloom ASAP. If you ever want to take a peek at my full collection of Beauty Bar Baby products, let me know in the comments!

Images: my own.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Bar Baby summer releases!

    1. mauvebeauty says:

      Lol I agree. The patterns are so pretty and fun but yeah… after a while it disappears and it just looks like a pan. Sigh.


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