Jeffree Star Lip Scrub Heaven

I would never have thought of myself as a lip scrub person. I don’t know why but maybe it’s the thought of rubbing sand-like stuff all over my lips didn’t sound very appealing. However I LOVE watermelon-scented stuff. When I heard Jeffree Star was coming out with a new lip scrub, Watermelon gum, for his summer Chrome collection, I kinda wanted it. Then I really wanted it. Then I finally gave in and got it. And let me tell you. It’s awesome!


Here’s that pink chrome packaging. I loved the packaging so much, I even shared this pic on IG and Jeffree LIKED MY PIC. Why do I care? I just do. Don’t judge me. So here you go.


Happy dance!


Seriously I open this baby up just to get a whiff of that watermelon goodness and I’m set for the day. I’ve used it a few times. Eaten it a few times (it’s edible). I can’t really say if I like the lip scrub product itself. My lips are mostly fine during the summertime. But during the winter, they do get way chapped and start peeling. That will be a better time to actually use the product and see how good it is.


After I decided the Watermelon gum scent was a hit, I ordered again and got Strawberry gum. Best. Decision. Ever. And that fits in with this brief #tbt since I believe the Strawberry one has been around a while. I’m loving both of the scents I got. I basically think of them as mood scent boosters. I just like smelling them. I’m kinda giving the Blue Raspberry Sucker the longing look, but no one can seem to keep that baby in stock!

Shop the lip scrubs on Jeffree Star’s official site or Beautylish. Note: the Watermelon gum is a limited edition item.

Images: my own


5 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Lip Scrub Heaven

  1. dolledupbyj says:

    I bet this smells incredible! I was never big on lip scrubs either until I got one as a gift and now I swear by them to take off the most drying, long lasting matte lip formulas. xo J


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