My NABLA Free Domination collection haul with swatches!

Do you remember this post about the Nabla Cosmetics summer collection, FREE DOMINATION? Well without further ado, here’s my haul!



L to R: Virgin island, alchemy, mystic. Left swatch pic with flash and right is in natural light.

L to R: Millennium, lotus, freestyle. Left swatch pic with flash and right is in natural light.

My thoughts: Honestly I can’t say ONE bad thing about their eyeshadows. I already have a growing collection of shades and these definitely add a lot of duochrome sparkle and brightness. The only matte shade I got is Lotus. It has a great texture and so much pigment with minimal fallout. I mean, just look at that swatch! Note: Millennium looks a lot better in person. It’s more of a iridescent shade so that’s why my camera wasn’t picking up the shimmer better. Of the bunch, Alchemy is hands down my favorite shade. A crazy duochrome oil slick. Look at those reflective pigments! Blinding. I’m more than happy with the selection I got.

Here’s the packaging of the new Diva Crime lipsticks. Love.
Seriously this lilac chrome is stunning.

L to R: Boheme, Perfect Day, Goa. Left swatch pic is in natural light and right swatch pic is with flash.

My thoughts: Didn’t I already tell you that I never have  bad thing to say about anything NABLA releases?? I love their Diva Crime lipstick formula. So lightweight and comfortable with great pigment. My swatches are done with basically one swipe and you get full coverage. Boheme is the most wearable of the new shades. Though Goa looks like it has shimmer in the tube, I’m not really picking up much shimmer once applied.


And a new product: metallic liquid lipstick! By the way, isn’t the lipstick packaging so pretty?


Here are the 2 new liquid lipstick shades for this collection. One is matte and one is the new metallic shade.

Left is Fetish Mauve and Right is Antimatter. Left swatch is in natural light. Right swatch is with flash.

My thoughts: Their Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks are fairly new as well. See my previous post for the entire original collection and my swatches of each shade. Fetish Mauve is a straight up mauve shade and so of course it’s my new favorite. And Antimatter is such a flattering and bright rose gold. So this metallic liquid lipstick is a new addition to their liquid lipstick line and I have to say…. it’s fabulous! In between creamy and liquidy texture, it goes on so lightweight and is transfer-proof. The pigmentation is what I’m beyond impressed with. You see my swatch in the above pic? That’s from one little swipe. I’m really hoping they expand their metallic liquid lipsticks soon.

All in all, I loved this collection. I had a lot of fun choosing what to get. I wanted a bit of everything: eyeshadows, lipsticks, and liquid lipsticks. They also released new blushes if you’re interested. The thing is, this collection has been a LONG time coming. I discovered this brand fall of last year and made my first purchase over the holidays. And since then, I’ve followed them, hoping for new stuff. Nothing for a very long time until this collection, FREE DOMINATION. So maybe they only put out 2 big collections twice a year? That’s not very much. Then again, I prefer a big collection where there are multiple products I can purchase all at once. Instead of a brand putting out 1 or 2 products every other week. That. Is. So. Annoying. And I’m wasting money on shipping each of these damn boxes to myself. Anyway back to what I was talking about. I’ll need to see through the rest of this year and into the next to figure out their pattern when it comes to collections. I still think 2 is pretty low. I’d like to see 4 big collections a year, one around every season.

Shop the new FREE DOMINATION collection here.

I really love NABLA and I hope you will too! If you have yet to discover them, just browse their site. It’ll take you a while to go through all of the eyeshadow shades they have lol. And they have a separate video for each shade of a live swatch. Talk about dedication! And yes they are based in Italy. I live in the US and have never encountered a problem with shipping. You do get free shipping if you spend over a certain amount. Processing doesn’t take very long (unless a collection just dropped); I’d say a day or 2. And I receive it within a few days! Everything is carefully packed. I’ve never received a broken product from them. Sooooo what interests you??

Images: my own




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