“I’m just a girl in the world.” Thanks No Doubt for that. It’s true. I am. I have my covetous eye on things, and I like to share. Here you’ll find all types of beautiful things, whether that means makeup, handbags, fashion clothing, other accessories, etc. Ok really it’s all about makeup for me so expect the majority of my posts to be related to makeup. I may expand on other topics but for now let’s consider this a guilty pleasure of beautiful things that I want. It’ll be a good way for me to keep track of release dates, upcoming news and events, and the like. Also with all of the seriousness and monotonous things occurring in my everyday life, it’s nice to have an escape. Things to look forward to, things to research, things to WANT.  I believe in rewarding myself when I do good things, the right things, things that help me just to get through the day.  And so this is a page all about the reward. Satisfaction achieved.



Disclaimer: Just because I post about things doesn’t mean I actually purchased them. I wish I could buy everything I wanted. Doesn’t everyone? Unfortunately I’m literally not made of money. But I do carefully save and pinch when necessary for that ultimate purchase, whatever it happens to be. Usually a handbag. And yes I frequently (more than weekly) purchase makeup. As in, I used my hard-earned money to purchase my makeup. I have never been sent any products for free. Everything I say is my OWN personal opinion. I do not give false reviews in exchange for things. Would I like to be sent things to try? Of course I would. Who wouldn’t? But I will always speak the truth. The gray area there is that my personal preferences are not the same as anyone else’s. Not completely. The pros and cons I find with a product may be completely different from someone else’s view. Though even I find reviews helpful, in the end, if you really want to know what a product is like, you need to try it for yourself. Anyway it will be stated in the post whether I bought something or not. Otherwise it’s just a pretty thing that caught my eye and I felt the need to share. If you have any pretty things that you want the world to know about, share with me!

Header image from Chanel.